Management and mandates

Sector Board Petroleum Industry (by September 2019)

  • Per-Arne Røstadsand, The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association/Equinor (chair)
  • Rolf W. Erichsen, Federation of Norwegian Industries/Aker Solutions (deputy chair)
  • Hans Petter Rebo, Federation of Norwegian Industries
  • Svein Anders Eriksson, Authorities/Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA)
  • Ole Jørgen Melleby, Authorities/Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA)
  • Halvor Erikstein, The Norwegian Union of Energy workers (SAFE)
  • Dag Yngve Johansen, The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO)
  • Jarle Idsøe-Jakobsen, Lederne/Songa Offshore
  • Øyvind Jonassen, Norwegian Shipowners’ Association
  • Tom Eddy Johansen, Federation of Norwegian Industries/TechnipFMC
  • Odd-Ketil Jørgensen, Norwegian Shipowners’ Association/Teekay
  • Aud Nistov, The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association
  • Svein Løvås, Federation of Norwegian Industries/IKM
  • Erik Winther, Standards Norway
  • Tore Sildnes, Maritime Industry/DNV GL
  • Robert Skrede, The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association/ConocoPhillips
  • Lars Atle Andersen, The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association/Aker BP

The work of the Sectorboard, Expert Groups and Project Manager shall be organised and performed in accordance with the requirements described in the Sectorboard Mandate, Expert Group Mandate and Project Manager Mandate (all three pdf files are published in Norwegian only).

Sist oppdatert: 2019-09-23