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Starting Monday February 3rd, welcomes you with a brand new design and a more user-friendly interface. The changes we have implemented are based on feedback from our users and a wish on our part to provide good user experiences for more users.


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Standards Norway has adopted four new standards dealing with aspects of universal design. They will all potentially be important tools for ensuring equal access to goods and services in society.


Mer om New standards for equal access

The drilling standard, NORSOK D-010 Well integrity in drilling and well operations, that was recently launched, has already received considerable attention both nationally and internationally. Standards Norway received 2321 submissions from around the world when the standard was on enquiry.


Mer om Great international interest in Norwegian petroleum standard

Last week Standard Norway hosted a study visit for seven representatives of Cypriot standardization. They were here to learn about how we organize and carry out standardization work in Norway.


Mer om Study visit from Cyprus

Some 26 CEOs of ISO's national bodies are women. In an article in ISO Focus 4-2013 six of them talk about their careers to date, live at the top and the role of women in standardization. One of them is Managing Director of Standards Norway, Trine Tveter.


Mer om CEOs speak out - Why it pays to work in standards

Natural disasters, terrorist attacks and accidents emphasize the need for systems to prevent and to handle challenging situations.


Mer om Standards for Societal and Citizen Security

Whether listening to a concert, or working in an open plan office, getting the acoustics right is important. The ISO 3382 series on Acoustics – Measurement of room acoustic parameters, is raising acoustic standards in performance spaces, open plan offices and other types of room.


Mer om Heard that? Improving acoustics from the concert hall to the office

Standards Norway runs SNORRE, a multilingual terminology database containing a vast amount of terminology that has been developed through standardization work. This comprehensive terminology collection which was previously available only for internal use as a standardization and translation tool at Standards Norway is now publicly accessible.


Mer om SNORRE terminology database

This will be the first time a complete IEC General Meeting will take place in Norway. Going 82 years back in history, to 1930, the IEC Plenary Meeting was held in Scandinavia in June/July. About 300 delegates, representing 22 countries took part in the meetings.


Mer om IEC General Meeting 2012 will take place in Oslo 1 - 5 october

Standards Norway has since 2004 had an action plan on universal design in standardization.


Mer om Projects and standards on universal design
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