NORSOK R-001 describes technical requirements for the design, manufacturing, assembling, product inspection, and installation and testing of mechanical equipment, except lifting equipment. The New edition will be on enquriy until 2015-12-18.


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This NORSOK standard, edition 4, October 2015 is now ready for industrial inquiry. It will, when approved and published, replace NORSOK M-503 Edition 3, May 2007.


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On the 7 October the standard NORSOK U-001 was launched at an event at Statoil Business Center in Stavanger. NORSOK U-001 is the most updated international available standard for subsea oil industry.


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The NORSOK expert group EG M Material has finished the revision work for NORSOK M-121 “Aluminium structural material». The standard is now released in edition 2.


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Following broad industry consensus, Standards Norway is pleased to announce the publication of the 4th revision of NORSOK U-001 Subsea production systems. Standards Norway in cooperation with Statoil are celebrating this milestone with a breakfast meeting hosted by Statoil. Get an insight into the headlines and major changes at this meeting.


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Mer om Revised NORSOK standards Z-006 and Z-007 are released

2015-versjonen av ASME BPVC er nå tilgjengelig. Tegn et abonnement på web i dag – da har du alltid oppdaterte standarder tilgjengelig.


Mer om ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) 2015 nå tilgjengelig

NORSOK ekspertgruppe N Structure har sammenlignet standardene i ISO 19000-serien og NORSOK N-serien. Her kan du lese to rapporter fra arbeidet.


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Den nye revisjonen av N-006 Assessment of structural integrity for existing offshore load-bearing structures ( Edition 2, April 2015) er nylig gjort tilgjengelig.


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