Standards on Arctic Operations soon ready for enquiry after meeting in Oslo

Standards Norway hosted the 2016 Plenary meeting of ISO/TC 67/SC 8 Arctic Operations on 17 November. 35 persons including ISO/TC 67/SC 8 management, convenors and delegates from Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and Norway met in Oslo to encourage the finalisation of six standards for arctic operations. All standards are soon ready for enquiry (ISO/DIS stage).

Speakers at a meeting

The six convenors of the working groups presented progress reports, and they expect to be able to deliver their standards more or less according to the present plans with the target dates set for 2017.

Rescue actions in arctic climate
At the meeting Statoil presented their Arctic approach for the near future, and SARiNOR presented their vision on rescue and evacuation for these remote and harsh climate areas using a video to illustrate their scenarios on future solutions.

Search And Rescue in the High North (SARINOR) from BUG Production Company on Vimeo.

The standards important for developments in the Barents Sea
The oil and gas industry is looking forward to the publication of these six new standards on arctic operations. The standards will be highly appreciated when new arctic oil and gas developments may commence in the Barents Sea in the near future. At the Oslo meeting, new work items including “handling of oil spill in ice conditions”, were discussed. A follow-up meeting was proposed for September 2017 in St. Johns, Canada.

Despite the embargo situation making progress difficult, this ISO subcommittee has been able to move the work forward under The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) umbrella.

If you have questions regarding this meeting or questions related to Arctic Operations, please contact Business Manager Roar Heum

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