Skrede and Røstasand
Z-018/ was officially opened by the sector board petroleum representatives Robert Skrede and Per Arne Røstadsand.

Launching of an extension on structured requirements digitally to the NORSOK Z-018 Supplier`s documentation of equipment

Common, precise NORSOK Z-018 documentation requirements for equipment deliverables will reduce project costs and ensure that documentation for the operating phase will be limited to what is necessary, but sufficient.

This is enabled through NORSOK Z-018:2019, where structured requirements are made available through the website (TIRC) (external link). This solution includes an e-mail address for improvement proposals,

One major benefit of introducing common industry requirements is the possibility for standard documentation to be delivered once, and later to be reused by the whole industry. This also supports findings from reports addressing the cost related to inconsistent documentation requirements in the industry.

TIRC (technical information requirements catalogue) was demonstrated and officially opened for use on the annual NORSOK expert group leader meeting on 31 October.

The implementation of common Z-018/ requirements is now ongoing in the industry, and soon to be used in upcoming projects. A new revised version of NORSOK Z-018 is under finalization and will be published shortly.

Sist oppdatert: 2019-11-08